Hoppy Halloween! 

Fun Ideas for a Froggy Halloween
Spooky Recipies:
  • Frogs In A Pond - Make up some green jello, allow to partially set, and then drop in some chocolate frogs and return to fridge until fully set - a yummy treat!
  • Frog On A Log - Clean celery and cut in short pieces for a log. Add cream cheese that has been tinted green with food coloring. Children can add raisins for the frogs.
  • Squashed Frogs
  • Frog Eye Salad
  • Microwave Spiders
  • Creepy Crawly Spider Cookies
  • Chocolate Spiders
  • Huge Scary Spiders
  • Decoration ideas:

  • Place a sign on your lawn that sais:
          "Witch Parking -- All others will be Toad!"
  • Place one of those motion detector frogs that go "ribbit" on the pathway to your front door. Paint it to look spooky for extra fun!
  • Costume ideas:

  • How to make a Baby Frog Costume
  • How to make a Frog on Lilypad Costume.
  • And here's another Frog Halloween Costume idea you can make at home!
  • Costume Gallery:
    Have you been a froggy for Halloween? Come and share with us! Send me your picture in costume and I'll add it to a Costume Gallery to share with Froggy Fans everywhere!!

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