Frog on Lilypad Costume

What age group is this costume for?
Preschool and Younger
Elementary School

Estimated time required to make this costume:
1/2 hour

Difficulty level:
Quick and easy - no sewing required

Items you will need:
green shirt or turtleneck
green sweatpants
green felt
purpe felt
green hat or beret
plastic frog
glue gun and glue sticks
safety pins


  1. Cut out the green felt in circle large enough to drape over the chest and back.
  2. Cut out the purple felt in the same shape only smaller so the green shows on the edge.
  3. Glue the two pieces together, attach with pins to shirt.
  4. Voila. Frog on lilypad. Perfect for all the lilies out there.
  5. Glue the plastic frog to the top of hat.

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