Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Frogs

I have rarely come across books about frog keeping and even more rarely have I found pet store workers who know what to do with the frogs either. So, I am working on compiling a list of breeds of frogs commonly seen as pets, and whatever useful info I can scrounge up about them.
I will be posting things as fast as I can collect enough useful information about them, or I will provide links to other pages that have useful information about specific breeds as pets.
*Please note, this is for information purposes only! (I've only had personal experience with those animals that can be found in the Meet My Pets page.) In other words, I'm no expert, but here's what I've been able to gather up anyway...

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Your First Frog Common Questions Species Caresheets Frog Doctor Tadpole Care
Housing Your Pet Dealing With Bugs Froggy Names Weird Frog Facts Save Our Frogs
Recommended Reading
Peace Frogs Link

Your First Frog So, You want a pet frog; A Guide to buying your first pet frog.
Read this if you are thinking of getting a pet frog for yourself or a friend!
Some Common Questions (Concerning Keeping Frogs and Toads as Pets)
Look here to find answers of some of the most commonly asked questions about pet frogs and toads.
Species Caresheets Guides to diet, housing, and habits of popular species of pet frogs.
Basic information and caresheets for some of the most common breeds of frogs and toads.
Look here if you have a question about a SPECIFIC type of frog!
Visit The Frog Doctor A Guide to Happy, Healthy Froggies.
Here you'll find information on preventing illness, and what to do in the event that your poor froggy gets sick.
Dealing With Tadpoles A Guide to Raising Tadpoles
Look here for the basics.
Housing Your Pet Frog A Guide to setting up your frog's Terrarium.
Look here for answers to all your terrarium and aquarium questions!
Dealing with Crickets I hate bugs a ton, but here's some handy tips on dealing with crickets
(particularly for the squeemish!)
Froggy Names List of all sorts of names for your Pet Frog.
Suggestions from Frogland visitors.
Weird Frog Facts where you can read Some Strange but True Facts about Frogs And Toads!
(look here for General Frog and Toad info)
Save Our Frogs! Our frogs our dissapearing!
(Read here about endangered species, environmental impacts, and what you can do to help.)
Book Reviews and Recommended Reading Where can I find more information?
Look here for a reading list for those looking for good printed resources on frogs.
These have been my best finds. Look here for general resource questions.

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