The What Kind Of Frog Are YOU? Quiz

Answer these questions to find out the frog in you!

1.) Select your favorite color:

2.) It's Saturday night. You choose to:

3.) Butter or Margarine?

4.) Which describes you:

5.) Do you wake up before your alarm?

6.) Do you like spicy food?

7.) When you feel stressed, you would most likely reach for:

8.) You're at a social gathering and you see a bowl of chocolate bars on the coffee table. Do you grab one?

9.) Which is your favorite season:

10.) Do you talk to your pets?

11.) It's Saturday morning, are you more likely to:

12.) Fortune Cookies: The best part is:

13.) At a party, you're most likely to:

14.) Choose from a profession below:

15.) You're the type of person who would rather watch a sport activity than participate in it.